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Doug Herich
Year: (1975)

Updated: 5/31/2013
Last Visit: 5/31/2013

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Things I've been doing lately:
I was married almost 15 years and have two healthy, happy and very intelligent boys. I owned and operated my own mortgage shop for over 20 years and am now semi-retired and enjoying every minute. Oh, and I am single and debt free again...woohoo! Update: I am now teaching Organic Law fulltime and doing what I can to make the world a better place for all to live.
My family:
My two adult sons are now in college and still live in northern California. I moved to socal and am in the southbay of LA enjoying the change of atmosphere. It's kinda like coming full circle so to speak and I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. My sister Sharon is still in Orange County but my oldest sibling Lynn who now lives in Ely, MN is moving to Florida and Beth is in Kalispell, Montana...I think! My dad passed away in Sept. of 06 and we all miss him dearly but find peace with the knowledge that he is at rest and looking down on us with a protective hand always near. My oldest son Matthew is now healing after having been treated for his supposedly 'incurable' condition and I think the good Lord for showing me the way! Cell therapy saved his life and now I am helping others enhance their own lives.
Life experiences:
The past 3 years I have traveled extensively around the globe playing masters water polo against the best of the best in age group based elite competition. In fact, I just returned from Perth, Australia where the 2008 FINA World Masters Championships were held. I journeyed to the Kimberly's in the Northwest Territory of Australia for 3 weeks of holiday after the games. No couch potato action for me anymore but for many years I was unable to do much of anything sports related due to a severe mountain bike racing accident that happened in 1991. Never thought that TV and in particular, Dan Rather and the 60 Minutes program would ever change my life...but they did in a HUGE way. After viewing a segment on that show back in June 2005, I journeyed solo to Chennai, India and had successful BHR surgery to repair what was then a severely damaged left hip. I lived with chronic pain 24/7 (sciatic) for almost 6 years when even the thought of taking a step sometimes caused my body to cringe. That's what happens when all the cartilage protecting the femoral head disintegrates from a traumatic injury and doctors tell you that all they can do is medicate your suffering. The pain was intolerable at times. The surgery I had is now available here in the US but I still recommend my doc in India over any US surgeon. Dr Bose has over 10 years of experience in this procedure and a 99 success rate. I would be happy to share more about my experience with anyone living their life with hip pain. It's no longer necessary to live in pain and I can do ALL the things I did before...PAIN FREE! The experience was like my little miracle and I thank God everyday for giving me another chance to enjoy life again. Cell therapy became a huge factor in my life in July of 2009 when my oldest son was treated for end stage renal failure. He is now recovering and was able to avoid the need for a kidney transplant which is HUGE! No need for dialysis either as his body is healing itself...as it should. I am also a patient and although my medical condition is to remain private, I can tell you that I feel better now than I have in over 15 years!
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
I swam, surfed and played water polo when not out in the desert making trax on dirt bikes. Singing with Mr. Houser's class and going to Europe and to what was then (1972) behind the iron curtain... Romania, Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic. Yet another fun thing that brings back many fond memories of high school and elmo friends.
My favorite things now:
The same things I did back in school I still like to do now only add snowboarding and diving for abalone on the mendo coast. Still surfing, riding dirt bikes in the desert and playing water polo. I love my new work and am passionate about helping people. Life is good! UPDATE: no abalone down here but plenty of surf and outrigger canoes to paddle around in!
My favorite books, movies and music:
The Four Agreements, A Man For All Seasons, ALL Clint Eastwood movies.
I work at:
AquaPro Pool Care and Spa
My website:

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