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El Modena High School - Directory

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Directory Sorted by Last Name

Date Range
Before 1950 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s < 1990s > 2000s Other

Name Current NameLocation


Alicia Urrutia (Alicia Maciel)
Cindy Bengry (Cindy Whitener)
Jennifer Hall (Jennifer Riding)
Keavin Wiggins Yucca Valley Ca
Kim Clark
Sandy Smith
Todd Will
Yvette Silva (Yvette Silva)


Ayda El Karaki orange ca
Dana Moore (Dana Gams)
Jay Garcia
Kristy Kanaly (Kristy Reeves)
Marsalina Mundy (Marsalina Overton) Long beach Ca


Kathleen Brown Crestline Ca
Maria Alvarez (Maria Castellano) Copperas Cove TX
Michele Buelna orange ca
Shanell Moore (Shanell Sepulveda)
Shanell Moore (Shanell Sepulveda)


Alyson Watts (Alyson Jorden)
Chad Heffley (Chad Heffley)
Gabriel Valencia
Ralph Palmer
Roger Martinez
Roger Martinez (Roger Martinez) irvine Ca


Becky Wilson (Becky Garcia) Centennial CO
Curt Lee
Jamie Shine (Jamie Croy)
Ryan Naslund (Ryan Harmon) Westminster co
Sharon Ramsden (Sharon Herpin)
Summer Collins (Summer Johnson) Murrieta CA


Brent Galasso
Brian Klinker Orange Ca
Fikisha Broadnax (Fikisha Broadnax)
Jeremy Rex (Jeremy Rex) Camarillo CA
Trina Roy


Aristotle Flores (Aristotle flores)
Summer Candow Orange CA


Jennifer Wieters (Jennifer galvin)
Lawrence Mariner (Lawrence Mariner)


Arthur Robinson Jewett city CT
Dustin Andres Irvine Ca
Manuel Villa II
Renatto Del Toro (Renatto Del Toro)


Kevin Jones (Kevin jones) orange ca

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