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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Gary Curiale (December 2008)
--Robert De Arcos
--Robert Ripley
--Jane Roelke
--Candace Spurlock
--Ruth Turnbull
--Debbie Wylie

--Amanda Gregory (?)

--Greg Waite (2004)
died of cancer. he got agent orange in the war v.n.

--Melanie R. Bastone
--Keith L. Bundrock
--Jennifer Cole
--Craig Coleman
--Chris A. Hainline
--Chris Hainline (2001)
Chris was my brother & died in a single car crash February 2001 on Interstate 15 near Ontario.
--Mona Henningsgaard
--Roger Martindill
--Stella Munoz
--Robert Taylor

--Mark Bazell (2007)
Found thru a google search in a industry newsletter. I called the company and he apparently died of a heart attack at his work. Delphi Systems. This was the memorium:In memory of Mark Bazell (1951-2007) A familiar face seen at trade shows will no longer be seen. Mark Bazell, Franchise Sales Manager for Delphi Display Systems, passed away suddenly on Feb. 5, 2007. “Big Mark”, as he called himself, or “Bobo” as his friends called him, was known not just for his large size, but his infectious smile, great laugh and love of people and life. Mark had many roles in his life, from bartender, restaurant manager, baseball coach (he worked scout teams for the NY Yankees and helped recruit for California State University, Fullerton), POS salesman, husband, father, grandfather, doggie-daddy, poker player, Delphi salesman and friend. Almost anyone who came into contact with Mark could consider him a friend. When looking to recruit a sales person for Delphi, I saw this teddy bear type guy selling POS (Geac FasFax) at a booth near mine. Almost all of the customers who came into his booth gave Mark a hug. I didn’t want to recruit just a salesman, I wanted someone who could build relationships with customers, someone whom our customers could rely on and trust. Mark was that guy. Mark had a passion for everything he did in life. If a customer would call in with an issue, Mark would personally get involved and stay with the problem until it was resolved. Mark cared. Mark enjoyed people and embraced life. We have lost Mark, but his spirit remains. I feel that I am a better person having known Mark and also feel fortunate to be able to call Mark a friend. Some say the purpose of life is to make the earth a better place from the time you were born to when you leave it. Mark fulfilled his purpose. Rest in peace, Bobo. Glenn Kassel Vice President, Worldwide Sales Delphi Display Systems
--Rodger J. Buff
--Doug Cornett (2013)
--Doug Davis
--Bae Grant (August 19 2011)
Bae was My brother , He was very close friend to Rick Marshal , who also passed .
--Kristi Lynn
--Jeri Pino
--Lydia Salvatico
--Larry Steuer (November 2005)

--Ralph M. Bradley
--Cora Burke
--Roger P. Chadwick
--Craig Coleman (2000)
--Edward Coombs
--Dale Downey (1/30/2009)
An old friend who shall be missed
--Mari Ellen Ferner
--Dan Gormley (March 18, 2006)
--Stephen Lamb (1968)
Died of Leukemia
--Mitch Long (1969)
Car accident
--Ricky Marshall (2-15-2000)
I miss you everyday. Love, Stacy McConnell Bilt (sister)
--Jonathan S. Maxwell
--Tom Scarr (2011)
Tom passed away while living with his brother in Grants Pass Oregon. He passed away in his sleep.
--Ron G. Sparks
--William (Bill) Swavely (May 22, 2010)
--Cheryl Ward (Unknown)
I was recently informed that Cheryl Ward, class of 1970, had passed away some years ago from cancer. However, I did not see her name listed. I'm hoping the person who told me was mistaken.
--Dennis R. Woods

--Larry Adams (11-23-10)
--Judi A. Bailey
--Gregory K. Carlson
--Joe Cortez
--Anthony (tony) Gutierrez (2011)
--Timothy P. Johnsen
--Robert Kaimer
--Esther P. Navarrette
--Pat Pughe
--Janet Showalter (??? )
--Michael D. Smith
--Patricia L. Smith
--Sharon Steuer
--Kent L. Thompson

--Terry Coleman (2007)
A dearly beloved friend who will always be missed
--Gary Finnan (2004)
--Timothy Gillmore (1976)
--Andy Guzman
--Toma Hedrick
--Bruce C. Howard
--Donald D. King
--Daniel Lamm (December 1, 2006)
Daniel Lamm ,Graduated from El Modena in 1972. Son of Covey and Evelyn Lamm of Covey Lamm Interiors of Orange passed away December 1, 2006 from sudden cardiac arrest. He is survived by his wife of 24 yrs. Ava Lamm and 3 children Danny,David and Laura, his mother Evelyn and sisters Cindy Lamm Lopez, Peggy Lamm Jackson and brother Jerry Lamm. He has one grandson Kyler Lamm. Daniel owned his own trucking business D.C. Lamm Trucking which his son Danny has taken over. He was a great husband,father,grandfather,son,and brother. We miss him alot.
--Doug Maine (1974)
--Bill Parker (January 2005)
--Charlie Ramirez
--Candace Spurlock (2008)
Candace passed earlier this year from a sudden heart attack. We will miss her greatly
--Russell Young

1972 or 1973
--Kevin Watson (April 6, 2013)
I found this on Facebook. Do not know for sure if he passed away or not. Was his name posted earlier and then taken off? My brother asked me about 6 months ago if I had heard that Keven had died. I am confused. He was looking at this web site when he found this.

--Laura Bautista (2007)
--Tom C. Bvden
--Joseph S. Flowers
--Don Kaempen
--Wayne Knight (Oct. 25,2011)
--Wyatt Knight (Oct. 25,2011)
--Don McLoud (1970)
--Kevin Montgomery Montgomery (missing 1980)
parents passed and kevins friends cannot locate him, some say he passed on the stern of the USS Nimmitz when a F18 tomcat hit the ships sterns poop(view deck) killing 8 sailors. where are you Kevin!!
--Mary J. Ortega (Nov. 6, 1990)
If tears could build a stairway and thoughts a memory lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. No Farewell words were spoken, No time to say good-bye,You were gone before I knew it, And only God knows why.
--Neil Parker
--Steve Pittard
--Michael Poirier
--Richard (Tadd) Ralls
--Joe Romero
--Sidney Smith
--Michael Thomas
--Paula Thompson (2011)
--Kevin Watson (04/06/13)
Kevin loved El Modena high school and loved planning get togethers at Moreno's mexican restaurant right up to the day he passed. He is survived by his 4 sons, 2 brothers & 2 sisters.
--Lance Whelan
Blinded by the sun while waterskiing into a pile of rocks at the Colorado River. His older brother Lloyd 71 has gone to be with him in heaven. They are survived by their sister Monica.
--Allan Willis, Jr (2004)
Complications from diabetes
--Russ Young (1972)
car accident making deliveries for old morrison drugstore

--Candace Jane Spurlock Spurlock (January 16, 2008)
Candy died in her sleep from heart failure. She is survived by her daughter Alexandra, her mother, Mildred Spurlock, sisters Penny and Nicola and brother Chris. She is indeed missed.

--Kenneth Ballman
--Debra Burt
--Steve Calvin (Nov 13, 2007)
Steve, I miss you more each day bro but I know you are with me all the time, love your sister Shelly
--John Constantino (Coloroso) (2006)
John's sister informed the reunion committee that John passed away a few years ago.
--Barbara Delbridge
--Doug Drigot (Around the 80's)
--Terry Fink
--Joey Gonzales
--Thomas Grainger
--Patty Gromley
--Linda Harmier
--Kenny Herkimer (August 2007)
--Wendy Johns
--Hope Lucke
--Rick Kent Maestas
--Chris Merritt
--Kim Riley (1992)
Kim passed away in 1992 from a drug overdose. To all who knew her.......leave the past behind and grow.....wish she had been able to do so.
--Pam Roberts
--Larry Schafer (HE IS STILL ALIVE!)
Just a note to update this site. Larry is still alive and doing very well but still healing from a traumatic accident. Hey Larry, we love ya man!
--Lary Schafr (2059)
died happy wealthy, and wise, and with the lord in his life. retired since 2004 accomplished masonry designer and contractor
--Lisa Seitz
Lisa died in a car accident. We had been working together at a restaurant in Hawaii.
--Steve Spencer (2012)
Although Steve was two years ahead of me in school, in the last few years we became very close. Steve you are missed and will never be forgotten. R.I.P. my friend.
--Eric Storkersen
--Ole Strand
--Robert Wayman (2009)
Rest in peace my forever love. Til' we are together again, Your wife Passed away 3/24/09 of Cancer

--Barry (Howard) Talberg (2010)
Barry passed away in Santa Cruz, after fighting malignant melanoma.

--Gary Agurrie (2009)
--Kathy Andeason (2009 ??)
Kathy was a close friend and neighbor...such a sweet woman she always was and I will hold her close to my heart forever. So bummed I was unable to see her again before she passed. Love you Kathy!
--Kathy Beavon (May 2008)
Kathy passed away from cancer. She will be missed by family and friends.
--Wade Benson
--Susan E. Brandt
--Albert C. Burke
--Dolores Cortez
--Steve D. Cross
--Robert De Arcos De Arcos
--Debbie R. DeMont
--Chris Dixon
--Lee Fuller
--Greg Goff
--Daniel E. Green
--Diane M. Horwitz (?)
This is just a correction for my friend who died about 10 years ago. You have Diane M. Howitz when it should be Diane M. Horwitz. Thanks....Paul Brewer '68
--Diane M. Howitz
--Chuck Johnson (1974)
--Dave Johnston (1992)
--Pat Malone
--Steve G. Martinez
--Marlene M. McCarthy
--Betty Moran
--Charles A. Ornelas
--Lars M. Paulsen
--Diane Pavton
--Gary G. Richardson
--Gary Richardson (2000??)
--Larry Shaffer (2009)
Larry was murdered.
--Robert Sicaeros
To my uncle bobby; the most caring person on earth. I love you and miss you dearly. Think about you always...Erika
--Robert H. Sicaeros
--Tim Timboe
--Jim Timboe (1976)
It is listed Tim Timboe who passed away in 1975. His name was Jim Timboe. Please correct. Thanks.

--Tom Beem (12/13/2011)
--Charles J. Brennan
--Ruben Corona (Dec, 2008)
--Peter Cortez
--Richard Gielow (Everett) (2012)
Died 29 October 2012 - a tree landed on his pickup truck in Morris Country, New Jersey, caused by Hurricane Sandy. Both he and his wife, Beth, perished. They are survived by their four childre: Zoe, Talia, Theo and Pierce.
--Diana Grantham (1995)
--Fred Hayes
--Jim W. Lindberg
--Brian A. Marshall
--Rey Salazar (2011)
Rey moved here from Tx. in 7th or 8th grade. He was a good friend. Although his name was incorrectly listed (John Dalafox)on our yearbook. Rey you won't be forgotten.
--Robert H. Sicaeros (1989)
I Love you uncle Bobby, and miss you so much.
--Richard W. Stueber
--Brad Takahashi (1981 ?)
My good friend & fellow Martial Artist you are missed.
--Frank Thiessen (1978 ?)
--Joe Young (2011)

--Harvey Acosta
--Mike Barrowcliff (1989)
--Y. G. Bergstrom
--Dale T. Chase
--Jerry J. Grajeda
--Martin Hudler (2013)
Martin was wildly successful and a force that could not be tamed. He was an amazing man and left an indelible impression on everyone he met. He gave more than he took, fathered 5 amazing children and those that he touched will never forget his kindness or caring spirit. What a man!
--Tracy Levine (1999)
--Daniel Arthur Martin (July 18, 2010)
--Mike Ostrander (2006)
Mike had a good sole but could not shake the monkey off his back. RIP Mike, your brother Randy
--Bobby Rees (1980)
Bobby was killed in a motor vehicle accident.
--Casey A Shanahan
--Mike Skinner (1983)
Michael crossed over trying to save a co-worker! What a WONDERFUL Spirit he was!!
--Daniel G. Valardez
--David M. Vigil

1977 or 1978
--Harvey Acosta (mid 1980's)
--Bob/Bobby Reese (1980)
Bobby was an exceptionally gifted baseball player. He could have gone pro.

--Annette D. Ball
--Jeffery Barrowcliff
--Alan Fletcher (passed age 22)
very gifted in track and field, motorcross and desert racing and racing cars. he also played piano, and surfed. He had just graduated from USC and was about to start law school. Alan liked to pour milk over his corn flakes and let them soak before eating them. He was mt close friend through jr high and high schllo and he was my next door neighbor! s
--Richard A. Fletcher Jr.
--Mara Forcey
--Dennis Gillett (2005)
He had more fun than most.
--Dennis GIllette
Dennis Gillette is alive and well and attended the 30 year class reunion. He is also on Facebook. He did this as a prank, and frankly, I find it disrespectful.
--Steve Halderman (2007)
Voted "Class Clown", Steve constantly touched our funny bone. AKA "Abdul Nordic", Steve excelled at basketball & the triple jump even with a bum knee. He came to Elmo from Orange Lutheran & never looked back. A great friend, cohort & co-founder of the infamous "Hype Squad." Rest in Peace, Nordic...
--Doug C John's
--Karen Koperek (2009)
--Amada P. Munoz
--Kelly P. Nelles
--Bobby Raya
--Corol A. Sedeno
--Steve R. Whittemore
--Cynthia D. Wood
--Debbie Wyllie
[listed at the top without class affiliation, but I went to Classmates to check the class year, and saw the last name was spelled differently]

--Shawn Baeza (Early 1980's)
Shawn Baeza was killed in a motorcycle crash in the early 1980's.
--Debbie Campbell (in the 90's)
--John Canaday (10-2007)
--John Cliff (1980 ?)
--Jamie Levine (1977)
Member of the ELMO Marching Band & girls sports teams, Jamie was a great person to know & a wonderful friend. She will always be missed...
--Richard L. Maltie
--Linda Milhouse (1977)
She passed away in the same accident that took Jamie Levine.
--Joe Poyer (1980's)
Joe was killed by a drunk driver in the 1980's
--Karen Tossavainen (July 7, 2004)
Karen was a gentle soul and an accomplished artist who got her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute and went on to teach print-making at Cabrillo College.

--Brian Adams (2007)
--Stephanie Beavon (10/2/2007)
--Karl Butrum (2003)
--Todd Castel
--Coreen Gallina
--Catherine Lane (2011)
--Linda McCubbin
--Mike McHenry (1984)
--Ronald Mejia (5/23/2006)
--David Putnam (2008)
--Chuck Salisbury (2005)
--Robert J. Sims
--Veronica Tillinghast (1980)
Rest in Peace, Ver!
--Don Watrous (Jan. 5, 2001)
--Steve Webster (2002)

--Anthony (Tony) Arroyo Jr. (Sep. 12, 1985)
Your spirit has for me aguardian angle on high guiding,advising, and watching over me. I will always remember you my little brother, You are with me and I am not afraid.
--David Hill (April 1st 2011)
David had Cancer
--Jerry Jefferson (1980-1981?)
Jerry was killed on his bike near the Fairhaven overpass.
--Lauren Kaplan
--Dennis M. Malkowski
--Kevin Pedersen (2002)
--Pat Ryan (2008)
I think Pat was class of 81. He married Nancy Moreno and had a son. I had not seen Pat since about 1988 but just found out he passed this month. He will be truly missed. My prayers to Nancy and their son Patrick Jr.
--Jurgen Walter (1984)
Ruhe in Frieden (Rest in Peace)
--Steve Young (Dec 6th 2011)

--Robert Garcia (may 2012)
--Paul S. Gerbasi
--Gregory Goode
--Brian Griset (2010)
--Cid Pritchard (2011)
--Jane Roelke (2010)
--Jane E. Roelke (August 29, 2010)
Jane Roelke died of cancer.
--David L. Scott
--Lisa Wells1919 (1982)
--Carolyn Zuniga

--Brian Ames (2013)
--Holly C. Christensen
--Matt Fujimura (2001)
--Kelly Hogle (unk)
--Brigitte Martinez
--Carleen McCarty
--Chris Riggin (2009?)
--Sue Robinette (2010ish)
--Joyce Weston (November 3 2007)

--Stacey Brunt (2008)
--Steve Hasenfuss (June 24 2010)
Great Guy! Very Funny! Good Person!
--Lisa Hurtado (?)
--Brad N. Riches
--Tammy Sackett (2002)
--Carol Torres (2011)

--Chris Blake (2013)
--Kristin Carlson
--Shelly Clark (2005 (?))
Heroin overdose
--Keith Day
--Lisa Harvey (unk)
--Carrie Hobson (2011)
--Larry Nulph (unk)
--Steve Stone (Feb 2006)
Rest in peace bud, defiantly one of a kind, a good friend to me and to all who knew him we will all miss you.
--Arturo Vasquez

--Bridget Berg (1985)
--Mario E. Figueroa
--Kim Katayama (1987)
Car accident
--Ging K. Lazarus
--Christopher Taylor (1987)
Rest in peace little buddy!

--Krysten Morrow (Feb. 26, 2009)
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.

--Patrick 'Pat' Mahon
--Jeff White

--Mark Gruett (2008)
--Shona Heatherly
--Daniel Ortega (2003)
--Sean Thomas (March 21st, 2007)
Rest in peace Shane Tamis
--Ronnie Tinoco
--Thea K. Torgerson

--Anthony Castaneda (2013)
RIP my friend
--Jon L. Cooper
--Michael P. Glaspey
--Melanie Hart (2005)
--Shawn Montgomery (2007)
--Matt Westover

--Gina Cameron (1991)
Miss you Gina!
--Jeffery D. Carmain
--Johnny L. Phillips

--Danna Marie Walker (February 12, 2008)
--Michael Williams

--Jason Zeppel (90's)
Rest in Peace Zeppie!

--Steve Bates
--Derrick Henderson (September 9, 2005)
Brother to Kevin, Kenny & Patrice Henderson-Jones
--Kevin Ketchum (2010)
--John Lara
--Jose luis Ramirez-rosete (09/19/1994)
he was my brother has pass couple years since he got kill. but for the family its seems like it was yestrday we will always miss you jr.
--Joshua J. Turville

--Brett Bandel (1996)
--Eduardo Cervantes
--Jose luis Ramirez (09/29/1994)
my brother was student from elmo i hope you guys will put his name in the memory list when he got kill friends and also students from elmo they did a car wash 1997
--Alex Lopez (1995)

--Raymond Marquez (2011)
--Lorena Serrato-Macinas (2/24/2010)
She was killed in a car accident on the 22 Frwy at Glassell.

--Lucy Renee Godoy (1999)

--Anthony Colin (11/22/11)
--Alejandra Hernandez (6/16/2011)
"Death is a pain no one can heal, Love is a memory no one can steal". You will forever be loved Alex.

--Nicholas Anderson (2002)
Nicholas and brother Glenn passed in a diving accident
--Glenn Anderson (2002)

--Patrick DeArcos (2/14/2006)

2003-2004 Senior
--Diego Gonzalez (2003)
RIP Diego, you will always be loved and missed.

--Alexis Wallace (2005)
Car accident on her grad night

--Caitlin Oto (February 20, 2005)
“Look up at the stars, way up high… And that’s where you’ll find me.” RIP Caitlin! We love and miss you very much!

Class of 83
--Brian Ames (February 6, 2012)
May you rest in peace...

class year
--Olivere Hernandez (2007)
he died in his sleep

El Modena high schoo
--Adrian Prado (2012)
I thought he was really hot and cuit

--Anthony Ray Colin  (11-22-11)
Anthony passed away 11-22-11. Class of 2004

--Ms. Cindy Judd (2013)
You will always be remembered for your huge heart and warm love.
--Catherine Lee
--Margery Love (9/20/2007)
She was a teacher in Orange Unified for 20 yrs, and had started at Jordan Elementary in the early 70's.
--Judy Pearce (2004)
My amazing mom - miss her everyday.
--Dick Zimmermann (2004)

--John Anderson (October 31, 1999)

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