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Good Times @ Elmo High
By: Laura Bradley
Hello old friends-

Memories from Elmo run deep. The trips with choir, to Mexico,"I was lucky Mr. Houser didn't send me home early", to the "Four Muskateers", you know who you are. Danette, Kim, Cindi, and myself. I have already lost two very close freinds from those days. I will never forget them, and hold them in prayer. Ditching Mr. Weber's class everyday. I still have no idea how I was able to pass that class. Could it have been anymore classic. I am hoping that everyone is interested in getting together for our 30th. Thank God, we grow up, but thank the Lord for our good times and memories we share from Elmo High. Hope to see the rest of you soon. Keep the faith and grow in the Lord.

Laura Bradley Cleary