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our admisistration had great bands play at lunch
By: Larry Schaffer
I remember the doobie brothers, and bachman turner band playing at lunch timebr this was during mrs Rodstaters? princible tenure.br I remember when I was the first and last class of freshmen there were major riots between the chicanos and the cowboys and headsbr chains and branches and belts were used to fight with.br Now ther is zero tolerance, I wish they had it back then,br I remember going to school in fear from the F TROUP of elmodena.br the admistration had no controll of the diverce ethnic student.br I used to love the football games and our great marching band!br br what amazed me , once we graduated all the so called enimies , we all became friends and partied together and laughed off those cazy days of fighting.br br I really miss Don Kaempen, my chess buddy and beach bum at 15th streetbr and I cannot find kevin montgomery, anyone know his where about.br we did the quinticential cruising after school and weekend mornings at 5am seeking the best surf from bolsa chica to salt creek.br br The days of the class of 1975 was a majical time and probally the last time anyone could experience the freedom and grandure of the LAND around usbr it was a beautiful playgound of hiking and open air concerts, where you BYOB and groove to very tallented bands and check out the older classes of HIPPIES, of which allways was a joy to watch them interact and get wild.br br El Modena in the 1970s was the last of a generation of whom expressed them selves as they chose and freedom to assemble was allowed.br not anymore, as we grew so did the OC sherrif dept and before the band sould start they would attack men and women with billy clubs, such as the infamous holloween SHORT STREET PARTY/RIOT, ACTUALLY across the the street from sue calloways, rob linders wife now, they save alot of us by allowing us to sit on the lawn as swat team did there dirty.br may I saybr Christs blessings to all whom may read this and live long and prosperbr especialy a big thank you to mr steve Altman shop teacher, Hope you well and living well! coach Lester too, are you out there in the orange hills?br I builtt your giant brick fireplace for you and still have photos.br thanks for the work coach!!!! you are a good man!br sincerelybr Larry Schafferbr http//www.wagonwhelranchnm.usbr we now live in new mexico, like a giant silverrado or saddlebackbr forests, water falls, rock formations and geology rock hounding every wherebr see my web site to geet a glimpse of our blessed life/br elmo rules still to this day